About Karina

Welcome to a kreative life, a gateway to creating an easier and more fulfilled life.

Karina began here working life as a designer, but could never shake her interest in the human side of life and went on to complete a Masters in Art Therapy and post-graduate degree in Psychology.

Karina now combines her experience in design and therapeutic approaches to help people build a more fulfilled life. She has a creative, modern approach to helping people through life's transitions and will often use creative exercises, inner child dialoguing, mindfulness and meditation to complement her other approaches.

Karina launched A Kreative Life to give people the tools and inspiration to have the courage to life a life they love. This includes e-courses and one-on-one sessions which have been described as ‘life-changing’.

She has developed a number of programs including:
The Illumination Project
Your Professional Personal Narrative: Uncover your Treasure
30 Days of Decadence

Everyone amazing light inside them that the world needs them to shine. Are you ready to illuminate your true self? Karina is available for appointments in person, by phone or Skype.
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