Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feeling the chill?

With the arrival of the winter solstice it's really turned grey here, and though Sydney's not the coldest of places the weeks of incessant rain and chill can see even the chirpiest amongst us feeling a bit low. We can start to feel tired and lethargic, our mood can take a swing downwards, and our immune system takes a dip making us more prone to picking up those wintery bugs.

So at this time of the year it's even more important than ever to take care of ourselves. Tune into how you're feeling in your mind and body, and respond accordingly. Little things can go a long way to improve your state of mind and energy levels.

Each day take moments to tune with how you're faring, to feed and nurture yourself with the good things in life. Simple is good - a bowl of home-made soup, some reading time, a hot bath before bed.
On rainy weekend mornings before the world stirs I like to make tea, light some candles and just enjoy the peace and the sound of the rain while I contemplate my day ahead.

Simple pleasures. But so good for you. What could you do to perk yourself up a little at this time?

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