Saturday, February 2, 2013

Build blocks to make time

Do you have a project or venture in your head that you've been trying to find time to get off the ground?

Does it seem so enormous that you're blinded as to where to start, and you find you're doing anything to avoid spending time working on it?

Do you fear that in devoting time to this project other important things in your life will have to give?

Dear readers, if this sounds like you I know exactly how you're feeling. You've got some kind of vision, you just can't seem to get further than that. You feel overcome by all that's involved.

I've had a project that's been sitting on the slowest simmer for months now. I find all the excuses in the world not to tackle it - 'it won't be perfect, people won't like it, I don't have time' and so on. In addition to making time to nurture this venture, I'm finding it hard to break it down into nice little chunks. Ironically, helping people break down complex problems is one of the things I do for a living. But hey, teaching others how to 'make things better' seems far easier than putting it into practice ourselves.

This week I met with my mentor and fully spilled the beans on my idea. She listened intently, and then said something that had been once said to her:

You have a huge gift that will be of service to the world. Stop making it about you. Get on with it.

There it was. The truth. I'm preventing myself making a difference to other peoples lives by holding myself back with my own insecurities. We all have something to give, yet it's only us that stops us from giving.

So I decided there and then I had to get over myself and make a start. This project isn't going to manifest by itself. This week I have committed to spending 10 hours working on moving my project forward.

Ten hours I hear you say? Woah, that's alot. On top of a full-time job and all the other things that need to get done. I thought so too, until I broke it down.

What I did was divide the ten hours into manageable time chunks and visually map them out - small squares for 10 minutes, large squares for 60 minutes. After sticking this chart in my working journal all I had to do is cross off the chunks of time as I'd done them. I'm writing against the squares what I achieved towards my project in that time block.

And you know what? It's working. I'm actually making tracks. When I'm feeling fearful and blocked I take a ten minute chunk and do something small. When I'm inspired I will work for the sixty minutes then take a break.

What about those breaks? I hear you whisper. I still need time out from this plan of mine. The great thing is this technique works for planning breaks too, actually it's good for anything where you would like to dedicate time. I've created a note in my book a chart of nice things I want to do for myself as breaks over the weekend. This way when I'm looking for some downtime, I just choose something from my chart. It could also work for jobs around the house, dinner party plans, really the applications are endless.

What strategies do you have for dedicating time to things you're finding difficulty moving on? If you're feeling stuck and decide give this method a go, I'd love to hear how you get on.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to move forward. Great to see you 'getting on with it'! xx


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