Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New year wishes

Well folks, we are almost at the end of January and I'm wondering if you've all been busy devising new year resolutions. Or maybe you've finished them and are well on you way to that desired flat stomach?

I myself am not. Usually by this time in January I'm full of great new intentions and have probably managed to not break all of them yet. But this year I feel different. The idea of resolutions feels like too much pressure and I just can't seem to get any down.

I had dinner with a couple of friends on the weekend and brought up my quandary. After discussing it a while very wise friend number one said "the problem is that you think resolutions are boring. It's the way you're expressing them - you're not engaging with them". He was so right. My resolutions felt like work, not fun. I mean, "have X done by X date". Who's busting to get their teeth sunk into that?

But there is also a deeper problem which stems from a phobia of commitment. I feel if I put something down I need to commit it. Rather than put pen to paper and risk being stuck with a dud resolution, I delay doing them at all. Enter friend number two. "Why don't you instead call them New Year Wishes, and just make them dreams you have for the coming year?"

I loved it, and putting the two ideas together I came up with my new year wish board. First I brainstormed on micro sticky notes my wishes making them loose and whimsical, like 'Refriend my abs". Suddenly, I was having fun with it. Next, I made a chart and arranged all my wishes, sticking it above my desk to admire and reinforce while I'm working.

I feel so much happier more engaged with my 'resolutions' than I had if they'd been the straight forward list I've made in previous years. I suppose it's an expression in what I'm wanting in my life right now: a bit of cheekiness, fun, a whole lot of colour, and to experiment loosely with my dreams.

It turned out to be such a lovely exercise I wanted to share it with you all. You can create your own wish board by downloading the 2013 wish board template, printing it out and decorating it with your hearts desire. I'd love to see your results :-)

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  1. You are on fire for 2013 my friend - i am loving everything you are posting so far - love it deb xx


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