Friday, January 4, 2013

January cure

Two years! Where did it go? It's been almost that long since I moved into my apartment. Much has happened in that time, but most of it forced me to neglect putting energy into making this place my very own. I had some thoughts and I mulled over ideas, but despite some new carpets, a light fitting and a lick of paint, the canvas has been pretty much left blank.

One of the reasons if I'm really honest is down to confidence. I just don't think I'm very good at making interior design choices. I always admire the homes of friends, and imagine what lovely spaces they must be live in. And then I go home and do nothing, frozen with fear of making a wrong choice or decision. Add this to the fact that those I've lived with have taken on the job of styling so I've never really had to do it.

Ironically, my environment is really important to me - I'm an aesthetics person through and through. I need things to be orderly and clean, but also downright lovely. Yes my place is clean, but there are cupboards full of things I've move from place to place and furniture thats had many more than it's nine lives.

So I've decided now is the time. I feel ready to give this space the stamp of Karina. I will be bold and colourful. I will invest some new pieces and I will make those pieces that I love shine. I'll also constantly remind myself that if I dont like what I've done, it's not forever. I can change it. Afterall, this year is all about change.

To get things moving by taking part in the Apartment Therapy January Cure. It's a month of daily tasks to help you whip your home into shape, get it clean, organised and ready for a personality injection. You can find the full list of assignments here. I'll let you know how I get on.

What about you? Are you thinking about a new year clean?


  1. Good luck Karina. Be strong (not the Lance Armstrong strong) and start by throwing stuff out.....

    1. My hall is now filled with charity donations. So cleansing!

  2. Oh yes. Me too! You wouldn't know who lives in my home. I have done nothing!

    Santa was kind enough to bring me 'Decorate Workshop' by Holly Becker.

    Cannot wait to see the 'Stamp of Karina'!


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