Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I must not make a boring list

I love a good list. Who doesn't? I make them on Mondays for the week, on Friday afternoons planning for the weekend, packing checklists for holidays, weekly groceries, bucket lists for home renovations... the, ahem, list is endless.

Problem: my lists are boring. My materials seemed to end up being the backs of envelopes, standard issue striped notebooks and, dare I whisper, a biro. I really hate biros, especially the blue ones. I was well overdue for a list makeover.

For work I have a good system keep track of tasks. To-do go on post-its that get stacked on my desk and later entered into the Omnifocus, or directly into the app if my iPad or computer is handy. The only adjustment needed here was to brighten up my sticky collection and donate the biros to new owner. For portable notes I'm a Moleskine girl which works just fine.

But home is where the heart is and it's lists here that really needed an overhaul. Life's too short for backs of envelopes to rule my life. No more - I threw them in the recycling bin and bought myself a sweet little notepad from Kikki K. Each page being a different design makes for list-making love.

But this week I realised when it comes to creative list making I'm an absolute amateur, if not a fraud. I happened upon an article by Chronicle Books about the diary of Suzy Ultman, illustrator extraordinaire. I already had a girl-crush on her as a designer, but seeing her list-making journal takes it to a whole new level.

Her lists remind me of those I used to make as a child. Where did all that creative juice go to? Well dear friends, here's some wonderful inspiration. I'm determined to channel this lovely series on my current journey to revive my artistic mojo.

Here you go! Enjoy Suzy's playfulness.


  1. Karina!!! This is toooooo adorable! You've totally got me inspired to pretty up my lists. Thanks lovely :) Loving your handwriting by the way!

    1. I can't take the credit for these lists - they're Suzy's. Aren't they delightful?

  2. Love this - clicked through to read it all -cute and inspiring

    1. Hi Deb. Isnt it just the sweetest way to get organised? I hope you're well!


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