Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to work stationery spree

When I was young going to school was not on my list of favourite things to do. It's not that I was bullied or found the lessons too challenging, but rather I got disenchanted being stuck with same routine day in day out for a whole year when really, all I wanted was the freedom to do as I please. Yeah! The last day of school for me was the best day of the year; I would rush home excitedly, kick off my shoes and make a big list of all the things I wanted to do in the holidays. Projects with friends, ones of my own. I still remember vividly sitting barefoot on my bed making those lists. You'd never catch me moaning about bored in those beautiful long breaks.

But as the last week of holidays approached I'd become melancholy and irritable, the old 'Sunday night blues' at the ripe age of twelve. My mother, however, was a very clever woman - she knew how to get me motivated about the return to the classroom. Each year, in that week before first term, we'd go on the hunt for a whole pack of new stationery - rulers, pens, a pencil case, textas and best of all, fresh pencils. Just the anticipation of breaking the seal on the newness of it all was motivation enough to get me on the school bus.

Here I am, a grown woman, still with a love of stationery and the freedom of holidays. So last week when my own two-week christmas break was drawing to a rapid close and I felt the melancholy kicking in, I came up with a plan to beat it - a 'back to work' stationery spree.

Now, I will confess that I have more blank Moleskine books than a hipster does fixies, so technically I don't need more stationery. But this is about a therapeutic fix, something to get me excited about getting back into work mode.

Here's what I ended up buying:

1 //  Pack of seven Moleskine notebooks - on sale and came with the free fluorescent orange pencil. Bargain!
2 //  Ultra cute Scandinavia Labels and Stickers Dictionary from 7321 Design.
3 //  Four rolls of bright washi tape, my latest obsession, from Cutetape.
4 //  Muji gel pens - gifted from my gorgeous friend and fellow stationery swoon, Janna.

Great loot, don't you think? For some great ideas on how to decorate those brown paper books with washi tape check out Miranti's cool washi projects over at Pen & Peplum.

And then there's item number five. Could you leave this cute as a button O-Check deer in the store? I mean, look at those eyes! He just had to come home and get comfortable in my new home-studio space.

So what about you? What do you do to get through the back to work blues? 


  1. I love your idea, and personally I am a fan of Rhodia stationary. The pencils are orange on the outside and black on the inside, and the paper is smooth and has a expensive sheen.


  2. Mmmm Rhodia pencils, very glamourous. Great choice of tool.

  3. Love, love, love 'back to school' stationery sprees too!

    Can you believe my daughter just gets a school list to tick off, and a supply company just pack it all in a box for her to pick up. How disappointing is that! (Although we don't need anything, I have been taking her to buy our own supplies anyway! For my joy and trip down memory lane!)

  4. you are speaking my language - love it all - sigh!

  5. I also obsessed about buying new stationery for school! I loved getting the list, and methodically going through the entire thing at my own pace, picking just the right tools to match. It didn't matter that my choices were limited...it was the possibilities that were going to come because of it.

    Keep writing, I love love love soaking your view of the world in!


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