Sunday, December 9, 2012

Resolve early

Who makes New Year's resolutions? I do. Every New Years day I make a list of all the things I hope to achieve, and then swiftly go about breaking them when life gets in the way.

Last year was a crazy year with far too much going on. Never one to say no, on top of full-time work and part-time study I took on too many projects and drove myself completely into the ground. It really took its toll on me physically and mentally. By December I was a blubbering unhealthy stressed mess.

I decided enough was enough, but surprising myself, I didn't want to wait until the new year kicked in to make a start making changes to clean up my act. On Christmas Eve I went to see a naturopath that a friend had recommended to get a health makeover. Yes, you read that right - on Christmas eve! The gorgeous Anthia greeted me with a cleansing cup for tea in a pretty china cup and gently discussed where I was going wrong and how I might make improvements. She was delightful. She was kind. She was exactly what I needed.

That hot 24 December I walked out of her store not only armed with a bitter tonic and some cleansing tea to aid my digestion, but something far more important - resolve. Resolve that this year would not be like last year. That I wouldn't wait til 1 January to start being a better me. I decided to act immediately and see Anthia before christmas, an action that saved me from completely blowing out on junk during Christmas and New Year. I went into the season armed with a strong vision of change, and kept it in my mind the entire time. By January 1 I was already eating better, being kinder to myself and walking more. The resolve, I kept it up for most* of the year.

It seems for me that kickstarting changes pre-New Year helps me see them through. So this year, as Christmas Day looms, I have again resolved to resolve early. I've booked in to see Anthia in the week before Christmas to assess my progress in becoming a healthier me. But this year I'm kicking my resolve up a notch and building extensions. Having had twelve months rest from study and started to find my creative mojo again, I'm starting to contemplate what I want next year to look like professionally. Importantly, I have resolved to get this transition going also before new year. I've started mapping and drawing and sketching and talking to people about my business concept and next steps. I have a clear vision about where I want to be by this time next year and I'm doing everything in my power to get as much grunt work done now as possible. I have a feeling, that come New Year's Day, I'm going to have made some steady progress.

This is an important lesson I've stumbled upon. There's no point waiting for the future to come, it never does. Its important to act now. You only need to make small movements, but don't dawdle. Be definite. Be bold. It's amazing what some early resolve can do.

* I have had a few blowouts this year, but hey, I'm only human.

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  1. An early resolve... I like that. I guess changes can be made at any time of the year - why wait?


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