Friday, October 12, 2012

Defining moments

I am thirteen years old sitting in front of the first computer that actually made sense to me. My hand gently encloses a beige mouse that's scurrying, with my amateur guidance, leaves a black trail all over the image of a gorgeous geisha brushing her hair. Drawing with a mouse - an everyday action these days, but believe me back then it was a total revelation.

Up until that day when my father bought home an Apple Macintosh's from work the only activity I'd used a computer for was to load games from very wobbly 5'1/2 inch disks and watch my brother write weird languages that made text fly across the screen. Those clunky keyboard-driven machines were totally alien, I instead preferred more lo-fi coloured pencils.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This first Mac experience confirmed what I had long suspected. I wanted to be a designer. I needed to be a designer. And I would doing anything it took to make it happen.

This is what I call one of life's defining moments - a point on our journey that sparks a passion or idea so powerful it has the possibility of taking our life in an amazing new direction. I have heard stories of this happening in many people's lives, from Ludwig Guttman's quest of help injured soldiers overcome limitations leading to the birth of the Paralympics, through to chef Heston Blumenthal's epiphany while reading the book 'On Food and Cooking'.

These defining moments can be a tiny or ground-shaking. But I believe everyone has at least one in their life. The problem can be that we forget them, or fail to realise that they have happened in the first place. Sometimes it's only by looking back on our lives and remembering those moments when we felt most alive, those ah-ha moments, that we can tap into what drives us as as a person. The thing, or things that makes us really hum.

So, you might like to know - did I actually become a designer? I most certainly did. I got my first design job when I was ten and I never looked back. I am so thankful for where design has taken me, I have loved my career with it's twisted and woven threads. 

Loved in the past tense? Why yes, for I'm about to embark on a whole new journey. Another defining moment has led me to a new path which will combine design with another passion of mine; psychology and helping people live fulfilling lives. 

Are you intrigued? All will soon be revealed. 

Meanwhile I'd love to hear - what has been a defining moment of your life? 


  1. LOVE this post - I'll have to think of my own moment, we all have one. Hello again from BYW, looking forward to following your blog and hearing about this new path!

  2. I also love this post. I love that you remember the exact moments that made a difference. Very rare. I remember my defining moment but I was much older. Glad you're doing what you love!
    xTina (from BYW)

  3. Loving your new look blog!!! it's gorgeous!!! xxx

  4. LOVE the look of your blog and makes PERFECT sense that you are a design chick, I actually trained as a fine artist but am now wishing I had more of that skill. Amazing journey isn't it , life....that we have all these seemingly unconnected experiences and that each one leads to another and then on the trail you realise it was all for a good reason. Wishing you many more defining moments to come, looking forward to sharing the journey, kitty baroque from BYW X (in Melbourne....)

  5. Hi, from your fellow Liebster :) Isn't it such an amazing feeling when you do something you are truly passionate about. Wishing you luck in your Psychology course. (BYW) x

  6. Just read back through the months and find it fascinating that we have quite overlapping topics. (I just wrote about the life balance wheel today). Hats of to you for finding the courage to write again and for starting your blog. It has a really nice feel to it.

  7. I think one of my defining moments was at art college when doing graphic design and being told by the tutor to concentrate on the type layout rather than doing oil paintings of flowers to go in the brochure! I realised then that I should be on the illustration course!!
    A lovely post and I look forward to reading your blog again and seeing the psychology come through x Gabs (BYW student)

  8. Beautiful photo and lovely post. My defining moment might be when I first saw an illustration blog ( I was quite new in blog world at the time) and I felt like 'oh! I want to do something like this' And I try to pursue this kind of art after that.

    Thanks so much for leaving comment on my blog. It really means a lot to me :)

    Pavinee from MerryDay (BYWbootcamp)


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