Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tire puncture

(SYLC 37)

Tyre punctures - the bane of a bike rider’s existence. You’re happily cruising along dodging car doors and bam, it’s a flat. Something sharp put an abrupt stop to a joyful glide.

Yet just lately I’ve discovered a form of puncture that I would welcome at any time of the day. One that leads to total relaxation and relieves tension like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

The last few months have been pretty stressful. Hang on, make that the last eight years. I’ve been constantly on the go, burning the candle at each end and along both sides at the same time. Totally unsustainable, I kept thinking there would be a time when I can wind down soon. But that just hasn’t happened.  

My good friend P pointed out the obvious need to start taking time out for myself or I’ll crash and burn and be of no use to anyone. He was right of course, but it’s difficult to change the habit of a lifetime. Still, I had to start to break that habit and P suggested acupuncture for a bit of forced relaxation.

A couple of hours spent lying around with needles sticking in my body is relaxing? As it happens it is, very! I was dubious at first as I’m pretty allergic to needles. I’d make a hopeless nurse and could never be a junkie. But James from the UTS acupuncture clinic assured me that it was nothing like getting an injection. As it isn’t – there’s a tiny prick followed by an incredible sense of peace. James giggles when I call it magic.

Since that introduction I’ve been going for a session on a weekly basis, the treatment time ranging from one to two and a half hours. I love it. Lying in the dimly lit room, some soft music playing and me without the ability to move an inch. I can’t reach for my phone and check my emails. Well I could, but it would be a really painful experience. So I just lie there and let me thoughts drift past like soft clouds and relax into the moment. It punctures my stress and tiredness.

This is my first step to carving out some time in my week for self care. I know how important it is, but have had years of putting everyone and everything else first. But I rejoice in my new analogy:

If I don’t attend to my oxygen mask first, it wont be long until I cant help those around me fit theirs. 

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  1. Sounds like a good way to start a self-care routine. I also am not a fan of needles, but may be convinced to try accupuncture after reading your post!!


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