Wednesday, September 12, 2012

External aesthetic

(SYLC 36)

Having been a designer for over 20 years I know the power of advertising and packaging. Good design sells, it makes us feel good and makes our lives easier. The psychology behind it is fairly straight forward. Even babies have been shown to be attracted to symmetry and beauty.

Despite knowing this, when it comes to designing myself I've been much more focused on my inner development, afterall,
It's what's on the inside that counts.

Yet I know my focus has been on the inside as I've never felt overjoyed with my exterior. For me packaging myself is a much less fun exercise than improving the contents of the box. We all have things we don't like about our appearance. I've had my weight fluctuate over the years, let exercise fall off the radar, slopped around the house in my trackies and often made the minimal effort when I go out. My wardrobe looks like twenty random people went shopping each with different briefs. There are a few pieces I love, a lot that's ho hum and a greater amount I'm holding onto that fall into the 'I paid too much to throw it out/one day I'll fit back into this' category.

The problem is I don't have a clue as to what my aesthetic is. I have four french style striped long sleeve t-shirts (yes, I wear them all), too many pairs of black pants, some 60's style shift dresses, wrap dresses, 40's style dresses, the list goes on. But no signature looks. Do I need some? Does it bother me? Yes, as these days I'm struggling to pull together enough decent outfits for a week at work.

When I do put the effort in and wear something that I love it feels great. So it's time I built a wardrobe full of pieces I love to wear, and where at least one item goes with one other. It might take some time, but now is the time to start.

To build up some ideas I've started to use Pinterest to collect looks I love. I also regularly checkout my friend M's Sleekit blog for ideas (love her cheeky style) and Stockholm Street Style.

What's my plan of action?
  1. Get everything out of my wardrobe and be ruthless. If it doesn't scream 'me', is well beyond it's use by date or if I'm seriously unlikely to fit into it ever again, it's time to go. 
  2. Get some clear ideas as to what I need to buy. I need to think about occasions, be realistic about my shape and what looks good on me. 
  3. When I go shopping I'll keep these visuals in my head so I can focus on what suits me and where the gaps lie.
  4. I'll put the extra effort in to get ready when I go out. I know it makes me feel better, so its definitely worth the time. 
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  1. Love the idea of coming up with a "signature style" more buying things because they are on sale and *might* fit...time to shop with a game plan in mind! Thank you for helping me find direction in this challenge, my beauty routine is non-existant!!! I love the style you are going for...have fun de-cluttering and shopping!! :)

    1. I so often buy because its on sale or might fit. Mostly mistake purchases. I'm looking forward to a real throw out and have decided to spend some money on getting someone to help with the process of defining a style. Very exciting!


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