Sunday, August 12, 2012

Balancing two wheels

(SYLC 32)

A number of years ago I was reintroduced to the joys of cycling by a friend of mine whilst holidaying in Europe. It was liberating - I could whiz around so much faster than walking allowed, but get through spaces cars couldn't take me. When I returned home I bought a bike and tried to incorporate cycling into my daily life but just couldn't make it happen. There seemed so many obstacles - 'it's too dangerous, I'm not fit enough, the distances are too long'. Three years later the bike was rusting in my garage.

This year has been all about trying to get some more balance in my life and one of the areas of focus is my 'all-or-nothing' attitude, that very unhelpful perfectionism thought tendency. When it came to cycling I felt I had to ride everywhere everyday or I wasn't doing it 'properly'. The reality is it's much harder for me to do this in Sydney than it is in a European city. The distances are far greater and our city is not always conducive to a bike. And where I got this notion of 'cycling properly' who knows.

After my annual European sojourn earler this year I decided to give cycling in Sydney another go - albeit with a much more gentle balanced approach. I would simply ride when situation was suited to biking, or when I felt like it. I bought a folding bike so I could store my two wheels inside my flat more easily, put it in the boot of a car or take it on a train. Suddenly, with a new attitude and more convenient wheels I was riding a few times a week. I rode to friends places or part of the way to work. The gentle balanced approach seemed to be working.

This week's challenge is all about checking in with how we are going balancing the various areas of our lives that are important to us. Back in February my wheel of life looked pretty wobbly. Have I managed to smooth it out?

With both self-care and personal growth I've been shooting fowards, and a trip to Scandinavia earlier in the year gave me the much needed inspiration to tackle my nerves about decorating at home. I've made a breakthrough this past week on my next career step that has me very excited. But I put less time than I wanted to into working on my relationships, starting some creative pursuits and getting out and enjoying the world. These areas now need my focus.

So yes, I think my life has more balance that it did in January but I have a way to go before it's a nice round pumped up tyre that will ensure a comfy ride. And my approach to this? It will in itself be gentle, balanced and realistic. A little Sukshma.


  1. You have made HEAPS of progress! It was such a great exercise to both encourage yourself with progress and remind yourself of things that still need doing.

    AND your wheels are so pretty!

    1. Thanks Tam. It is great for us to gently remind ourselves about where we are doing well and what needs our attention. We all have some areas we find harder than others give attention to, but feel great when we do!

  2. I love the visuals of your wheels side by's like a blooming flower!! You are doing so well, it must feel great!!

  3. you did awesome - remember the aim is less to have a perfectly round wheel as much as shifting focus to areas that need work as you see it (why checking in every 3 months is ideal in my mind) just in case we get stuck in focus on 1 area neglecting others... it is like a nice check in to decide future goals and plans rather than a pressure / guilt device if an area happens to be behind etc

  4. Your new wheel looks fantastic! I love that ever single area has grown and it is all looking much more balanced. Awesome job! :D
    Jo xo


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