Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something great

It's school holiday time and I've taken some time off work to catch up with family. Yesterday my 16yo  niece D asked if I wanted to go and see a movie. Being the second week of the holidays she'd seen almost everything released, so the choice was either Ice Age 4 or the Katy Perry film 'Part of Me'. Not being a massive fan of blockbuster animated films, I suggested we go with Katy. 

I assumed the film would be a bubble gum coated chick flick, and sure, there was a lot of sugar. But it was also a thought provoking documentary about a young woman who had big dreams and persisted in pursuing them despite the many obstacles along the way, including a very adult marriage breakdown. 

I've written previously about being in the middle of a wave of change. I'm questioning lots of areas of my life - my career, where I live, how I live, how I dress, how I am. Pretty big stuff. It's really exciting. Maybe I'm in the right frame of mind, but I admit I felt inspired by this sugar coated pop princess. Katy Perry demonstrated immense courage, bravery, vision, and determination. She obviously has a great belief in who she is and what she wants to achieve, but in moving towards her goals she was anything but selfish. 

Walking out of this film I was reminded to
  • Think big
  • Search out and snap up opportunities
  • Connect with people who inspire and love you
  • Embrace change 
  • Soak in the people and environment around you, assimilate and don't afraid to be transformed
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself
So thank you Miss Perry. You were an unexpected inspiration!
Flower Record Illustration by Andrew Lyons.

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