Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drop zone

(SYLC 26)

In the simplify your life challenge we've spent a number of weeks focusing on decluttering. Although I'm an anti-hoarder, I was glad of these assignments as I'm doing a micro-renovation/decoration of my apartment and to make way for the changes I want to create I have to cull things that I've been holding onto but that frankly are of little use to me.

Our lives are overstuffed. I've been consciously trying to pare mine down for years. Initially the pains of multiple moves and travel made me want to cull, but I liked how simple my life was with less decisions to make and less stuff to manage. I had a friend a uni who's parents were yoga teachers. Their house was simple and minimal but in a really homely way. They were serene people; and their approach to life has stuck with me.

Most things in my life have a home. Keys, magazines, items like library books waiting to be returned all have their place. But the one area I'm not happy with is the drop zone at the end of my dining table. Mail, cycling gloves, glasses, discards from my handbag all get left there - and it looks horrible. I know its because I use my dining table for all manner of jobs, but it's become a mini dumping ground.
Before: Dining table dumping ground

At first I thought I'd put off fixing this "until I get the work bench built in my study" where I have planned a space for these things. The fact is I haven't even got a quote for the bench yet! I vowed this year there would not be about putting things off til the perfect time. There is no more perfect time than now!

So I grabbed a pretty box that I kept for paper and put it on the shelf in my entry area next to the things that are ready to returned. I then put all those bits and bobs off my table in it, now neatly contained in one place. This way I can grab the box when I need to and put it back when I've finished. I can also drop things like my cycling gloves in it as I come in the door.

Problem sorted. It will do as a solution until I get my spare room finished. Or perhaps this solution will stick!
After: 'Dump' box


  1. Great idea! It looks great!

  2. simple and good idea!

    deb @ home life simplified


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