Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Acquired habits

(SYLC 30)

This year has been all about restyling my life. It's not so much out with the old me and in with the new, but about reconnecting with myself, what I love and what drives me, and shaping my life so that I'm thriving. While I was studying I put alot of areas of my life on hold including friendships, health, and creative pursuits. But I've had a quite few reminders that life can be short and that now is the time to act.

It's been really had to break some of the habits I formed over my studious years. This included late night snacking on chocolate, not putting time aside to exercise and refusing to take time out to relax and enjoy life. It's strange - six months have gone by since I sat my last exam and I still have times when I get the urge to rush home to some non-existent essay.

One of the areas of my life I'm focusing on right now is my health and taking time out. I've always been someone who worked through lunch (much to the disgust of a French friend of mine who thinks eating at your desk is a sin). When I go out at lunch time I actually feel guilty, yet most of my colleagues do and I don't begrudge them. I'm also very good at making excuses not to exercise, yet I feel great when I do.

So help me keep track of how I'm going, I created a progress bar of the habits I wants to make. I have it on my iPad in a drawing program and I put a cross on any of the squares that were achieved on any given day in a week. It helps me keep track and motivates me.

I plan to keep this going for a month to see if I've managed to form some new habits. My aim is to stay sugar free for a month, to eat minimal grains, to do pilates twice a week, ride or walk to work three times a week, and take at least an hour of downtime a day for me where I do something inspiring or restful.

I'm really curious to see how this will work for me.

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