Monday, June 11, 2012

Home detox

(SYLC 22-23-24)

I've been pretty quiet here these last few weeks. Work has been really full on, as has my extracurricula life. The last few challenges have been about cleaning out the clutter and preventing it from building up. As I'm definitely not a clutter person I didn't feel bad about lapsing for a while.

In saying that, I have been reading Deb's posts and have found some great tips. A couple of months ago I wrote about about letting superfluous stuff go from my life. Yes, even we anti-horders need to take stock once in a while. Most of our lives are overstuffed.

I engaged in a slow process of re-decluttering, reviewing what I have room by room and asking:
  1. Do use it/admire it regularly?
  2. Does it work for me/do it's job properly?
  3. Am I REALLY likely to need it in the VERY NEAR future?
  4. Can it be purchased again at relatively low cost if I do need it again? 
  5. Can it be digitised? (ie paperwork, old photos)
  6. Is it sentimental but of no use or tucked away? (I take a photo of it)
  7. Does it have a home?
I'm not blitzing through this - I do it when I have pockets of time. But no area of my life is being spared. I need to create space for the change I can feel is coming. This means artwork that I no longer love and clothes that no longer fit with who I am now are going out. Even my hair which has been long for such a long time is about to get a big chop.

To prevent clutter from coming into the house, when shopping I try and consciously consider 'does this work for me?' When choosing things I think about what items in my life have helped me the most, or I've loved the most, or where the gaps are. For example, my house is quite chilly, therefore inside I like to wear jumpers like hoodies that keep my neck nice and snug. Buying a low neck sweater for house wear would just sit in my cupboard. I try and ask myself this question even when I'm grocery shopping, so I don't impulse buy things that will get wasted.

I hope these questions and considerations help those who struggle with clutter. I know quite a few people who find it difficult to cull, it can be upsetting and unsettling for these people. If you are one, be kind to yourself in the process. If you are the partner of one, be kind and patient with them. Tiny steps are important. And another tip, don't bring new stuff in as a replacement unless its really needed. Now is the time to break the cycle.

Removing the clutter from your life really does simplify it. It makes life much easier - less choices about what to wear, what to eat, less piles to look under to find due bills. It creates space for other more important things in life like spending time with the people the people you love and doing the things that make life wonderful.


  1. I love those questions - really make you think about your "stuff".

  2. Great Job!. I have also been struggling with time and it is taking longr than I thought to get through my whole house decluttering. But it is happening and it is a greaat feeling. Keep going with the tiny steps. I really liked your questions it is a great idea. :)

  3. I love the way these challenges make us stop and think. So many of us first think "oh this isn't for me" or "I already do that" but then we stop and figure out that there is still something in each challenge that we can think about and learn or teach. Thank you for posting your questions, they are fantastic. Just stopping to think if new stuff is really 'needed' helps slow the cluttering process so much!


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