Sunday, May 27, 2012

Factory reset

The last few weeks have been more than a little crazy. At work the mood's not great - there is alot of change going on and uncertainty about people's jobs. At the same time as dealing with the emotional side, we're trying to get a huge project out before the end of June. So midweek pilates has started to take a back seat.

Socially I've been going at it pretty hard. It's been great to have an outlet and let my hair down a bit, but I've been waking up tired and therefore sometimes skipping my ride/walk to work in favour of the train. It also means I'm not always packing my breakfast/lunch for the next day. I attended a three-day conference and my food choices weren't the best (though admittedly they were better than the same time last year).

So I've been feeling a little out of control. Luckily I have had enough clarity to recognise the signs and not want to slide any further backwards. It's was time for what I'm calling a 'factory reset'. I need to slow down and focus, get centred and be more mindful in my actions.

I've made a list of things I'm going to focus on:

  • do things more slowly and deliberately
  • balance my social life with 'stillness' time
  • prepare my breakfast and lunch in the evenings
  • cut out alcohol
  • be conscious making time to ride/walk and go to pilates
  • consolidate on Sunday evenings: make sure all is in order for the week ahead (inc. bills and tasks written down that need to be done that week)
It sounds a bit dull, but I'm feeling its necessary.

One thing I am excited about is the date I have made with myself for Friday nights for a month. just this  past Friday I came home from work and cleaned my room, made a mash-up dinner and settled down to work on the mittens I have been making for winter. Kind of grandma I know, but I don't care. It was the most relaxing and rejuvenating night I'd had in months. 

Mash-up dinner: Grass fed sausages with sauteed garlic,
broccoli, and carrot baked with an Holbrook egg
Sunday breakfast: Sauteed kale and bacon,
scrambled Holbrook eggs with roast pumpkin
Weekend lunch: 'Left over roast chicken' soup

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