Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lifestyle restyling

Back in mid January I posted about change I was making to my health habits. It's been three months since I embarked on the overhaul, and I'm happy to report that it seems to be working.

Healthwise, I cut out all grains and sugar. Admittedly I thought it was going to be harder than it actually was. My nutritionist was a great help, as was reading Sarah Wilson's blog and reading her 'I Quit Sugar' book. I replaced both those things with meat, eggs and fat. Yes fat, good fats, and lots of them. The meat took alot of getting used to; at first it sat heavily in my stomach. The fat felt pretty awful coating my mouth.

But I got used to it, and dropped 5 kilos, had glowing skin and hair, and a remarkable absence of the 2pm slump as a reward. I no longer felt hungry or craved food. An annoying morning sneeze disappeared. Basically, whatever I was doing agreed with me.

I also started back at pilates and walked to work almost every day. I do admit I had a pretty good motivation - I was going skiing in March and I needed to be fit to make the most of it.

As for March, I'll say upfront I don't really count it. I was away in Europe for the month and while I ate pretty healthily in Sweden and Germany, in France I let myself indulge in all-I-wanted-to-eat bread, p√Ętisseries, champagne and chocolate. The interesting thing was I didn't eat as much of it as I normally would have when faced with a delicious plethora. A box of chocolates from Puyricard lasted me almost two weeks, whereas before I might have polished them of in three days. I enjoyed Monsier Lopez's chantilly filled Duchesse entremet immensely, but one was more than enough. What I did get heavily stuck into though was the cheese - and boy do I love cheese! I happened to be in Toulouse one Sunday when the annual regional Auvergne food market is held. I bought a quarter of a wheel of Roquefort which I did devour in three days! But everything went completely out the window at Easter when the caramel filled eggs and mum's baking lured me in. The upside was after two days of eating crap, I felt disgusting enough to not want to do it anymore.

Maybe my system has readjusted after all.

So this week is back to the new way of life. As I write this I have a cauliflower soup simmering away, the stock I made from a chicken that will serve for my lunch this week. My breakfast is in the fridge and I'll be up at 7am to walk. I'll force myself to cross the road to go to pilates after work. It's two minutes from my office - there's just no excuse not to go.

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