Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kreate's progress

(SYLC 13)


Hmmm, this is not my strong point at the moment. This week I posted about the fact that for the first time in my adult life I'm floating, unsure of where to take my professional life next. The goal I had set for myself back in February was to get clearer about my own agenda and not worry so much about other peoples. Professionally I can't say I've gotten anywhere. I'm no wiser as to what to do with my psychology degree or where to go next. But I'm determined to be fine about swimming in limbo for a while. I have definitely made progress at work not concerning myself with other people's antics which gives me more time to get done what I need to get done. But as to the next big step, it's still a mystery.

Conversely, I seem to be making some tracks in the areas I identified in need of attention in my personal life, which most people around me would say is much more important right now, that I've been focusing way too much on the work and study.

Self care: I've definitely made progress here. My diet has improved, I've been exercising more regularly, leaving work earlier and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Where I can now improve is to put some more effort into my daily grooming. The odd home facial or Sunday evening manicure won't more me to actual death I'm sure.

Personal growth: There is no better thinking time than a month's holiday in Europe. I did so much reflecting while sitting in lovely cosy cafes drinking tea, while being awed by the view on the chairlift, and soaking in the thermal baths. While away, events came to pass that had me reassess an old friendship. Growth indeed.

Relationships: With alot more free time after work than ever before, I'm actually making time for my friends which is a totally lovely experience. Dinners out, dinners in, picnics and hopefully some weekend bike rides. It's fantastic to be more connected, and I think I'm a better friend now I'm more relaxed. In regards to a more intimate relationship, a recent experience has me reassessing what I do and don't in that part of my life. TBA as they say.

Creativity: Again, my recent holiday popped the cork on my creative block. I'm back. Not completely liberated creatively, but much more inspired than I've been in years. While away I drew when the moment caught me and wrote every day. I'm now one week into a creative writing course, have plans to knit something this winter, and have downloaded some new lessons for the baroque flute.

Home: One week living in someone's apartment in Sweden was enough to pull the plug on the decorating block also. I love the way the Swedes put their homes together. Can I just move there? I brought a funky interiors book at DesignTorget in Stockholm. Then started the homewares purchases, a new quilt cover, some retro french stuff from Au Petit Bonheur du Chance, and a forage in the BHV. I'm getting quotes on the overhaul of my spare room, ready for it's transformation into a little studio.

Fun, recreation: All of the above. Also, I've just come into a secondhand Dahon Vitesse folding bike. I love riding, but my old Peugeot needs some love and I don't feel inclined to give my time to it. Someone else is going to show it the love it deserves.

My verdict? Not bad for eight weeks. I'm not very good at giving myself a pat on the back - but this time I think I'm going to.

Bonascre, Pyrénées


  1. Firstly, welcome back! Secondly, what a lovely new 'posh' blog. Love it! Thirdly, you totally deserve that pat on the back. Pat away!

    Now, down to business (I should point out to other readers who may be thinking I am SO bossy, that I have actually been friends with Kreategirl for nearly thirty years! Gosh, love that girl!). So anyway, what is this I am hearing about floating and not having direction? Have you not been studying for the last six years, only stopping four months ago, and one of those months was travelling? There is no rush. Take your time. Enjoy life a little! Don't rush into making any decisions. It will come to you. Remember, as Louise Hay says, 'life always reveals what I need to know, exactly when I need to know it.'

    And I need to call you to catch up!

    1. Those quotes are perfect. The great thing is I now know what I DON'T want. That's half the battle.

      And I need to get down to see you!

  2. definitely not bad for eight weeks!! Good on you - well deserved pat :)


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