Saturday, March 10, 2012

The small things

(SYLC 08)

Right now I'm sitting in the cute little Cafe Vurma in Stockholm with an enormous cup of tea. It's chilly outside, freezing in fact. The harbour metres away is shattered with huge sheets of ice that the gulls are using as landing pads. Yet I'm cosy in my layers, and after a Swedish breakfast of lax on rye I'm am looking forward to a day of doing - well - exactly as I please.

I love this city. I've spent the last few days scoping out Stockholm's museums, taking fuel in the cosy cafes (including reindeer pie?!) and soaking up the design inspiration that drips from every corner. But today I'm planning on being a meandering flaneur.

I'm very happy and content right now - and how could I not be. I am relishing four of the things that make me happiest in the world:
  • Tea
  • A cosy cafe
  • Travel
  • Spare time
The last on that list is my most treasured possession at the moment. After years of minuscule spare time that when I had it, was riddled with guilt about some assignment or exam I was supposed to the be preparing, or a design job to get done, I'm finally free of all after hours commitments. In fact, this is the first holiday in six years I have not had to bring my laptop. I feel so free!

Week 8 of the SYLC we are to create a happiness list, and are tasked with doing one thing on it every day. I'm a bit slow on the uptake as I took necessary some weeks out working/traveling, I'm playing catchup, so here goes in no particular order beyond time:
When I was creating this list, a few 'what creates unhappiness in me' words kept coming to mind. I thought it important to capture these here as well:

I'm sure there are a million more things I could add to my happiness list here but my teacup is empty so it's time to go for a big walk and find another cafe.
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