Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meat the old me

When I get really busy the first thing that drops are pockets of time for myself. With the amount of time I committed the last few years to study and work projects, my normal exercise routine went entirely out the window, as did my ‘healthy’ eating (I know – excuses, excuses). Late nights had me rummaging through the pantry at 9pm for an energy hit, and of course I usually reached for the my friend the chocolate. Oh chocolate, you were so good to me, but the result: I either need to buy a new wardrobe or to dig deep under my additional layers and carve out my old self.

Therefore, one of the aspects of my life I’m putting effort into with my new found free time is my health. I had a couple of scares last year, both personally and with close friends that definitely put the wind up me. So on Christmas Eve I went along to see a lovely naturopath to get an assessment of my lifestyle.

As it turns out my usual diet is not so healthy after all. I’ve be predominately vegetarian for years and tended to get my energy from lusty carbs which meant constant craving. To readjust my system the naturopath has set me on new way of eating for a month – including meat every day. Though the regime seems a bit limiting at first, being known as the girl who could make a meal out of the supplies from YHA free shelves, I am sure I can tackle this. And so, my dinner tonight…

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  1. That looks delicious for a 'YHA Free Shelf' kind of chef!


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